Hermaphrodite Sister – Chapter 8

Hermaphrodite Sister

The evening after Jamie and I had dressed our brother in girl’s clothes and got him to go out and flirt with boys turned out rather normal; other than the fact that he sat down slowly whenever the chance presented itself. After our parents got home that evening he pretended as if nothing had happened earlier in the day, like normal. I would say things turned out for the best that evening, at least most things.

It wasn’t until the next morning that I knew we were completely in the clear. I woke next to Jamie has I had been doing for the last while, the only thing was that I was awake well before she was. Most women know the feeling, the sudden urge to get their twats over the toilet. I was happy and somewhat distraught at the same time, my period had started. I was ecstatic that Jordan didn’t get me pregnant. On the other hand I was still insecure about myself when I was on my period and I was upset because I knew I didn’t want Jessie down there. I shoved a tampon up my bloody cunt and returned to bed.

I slid gently back into the bed but I wasn’t quiet enough. Jamie opened her eyes and looked over at me. “Where did you go? I missed you,” she said as she snuggled up to me. I felt her hands begin to wander and she started moving towards my pussy. I squeezed my legs tightly together as she got closer.

“No,” I said. “I just started my period today and I’m feeling kind of nasty down there.”

Jamie gave me the biggest smile I had seen from her in a while. “OH GOOD,” she exclaimed! “I was really worried that you were going to be pregnant.”

“It sure doesn’t look like it,” I said.

“Well, I’m really horny and I want to fuck you.”

“Please no,” Jamie said. “I don’t want to have sex on my period. I’m just not comfortable with that.”

Jamie looked extremely dejected, “But I really want to cum.”

I kissed my sister on the lips and then kissed down her neck. I paused for a short moment, “I can make you cum.” I kissed my way down Jamie’s stomach and took hold of her cock. “I see you are already hard,” I said as I gave her shaft a little jerk.

“I easily get hard thinking of you,” she said as she spread her legs wide open and lifted them into the air, which gave me complete access to her hermaphrodite parts.

I held her dick in my hand, giving it an occasional jerk, while I began working her pussy with my tongue. Since beginning sex with my sister I had gone from never imagining myself licking another woman’s cunt to eagerly lapping up pussy juice as if it were a rare treat. I ran my tongue up one labia and then the next. I teased her inner labia with quick flicks of my tongue, trying to entice her to fuck my face.

I finally let go of Jamie’s dick and focused on on her muff. I let my tongue and my lips work every crevice and fold between her legs. She had been, for so long, using only her dick to masturbate and I had intended to let her know how great an excited cunt can feel. My sister began moaning with delight as I continued my tongue lashing. I clearly knew that she was enjoying it. I finally began sucking her beef curtains in and out of my mouth, quickly. By this time Jamie was fucking my face as hard as she could.

Jamie began breathing quickly and her body language showed that she wasn’t far from coming. I didn’t hold back. Her bucking hips and my loose tongue quickly brought my sister to orgasm. “Oh! My! Fuck,” Jamie yelled. “Oooohhh, yes!” I slowed my pussy eating as her orgasm subsided. “Shit, that was good,” she said.

“Yes, orgasms from your pussy can be incredible,” I replied. I grabbed her dick again and looked her in the eye. “But it looks like you still have a hard-on. Maybe now I can milk out your semen.” I left her pussy alone and focused on her throbbing tool. I had already given my sister one orgasm so I didn’t waste any time. I began jerking her as quickly as I could without concern for the effects of friction.

Jamie moaned softly as I licked her cock top while continuing to stroke her shaft. Her supple cock head was the hardest I had ever seen it.  It had gone from being a ductile tissue to being a rigid patch of skin, needless to say I was impressed. Not only that she was excreting copious amounts of precum. She wasn’t kidding when she said she was ready to fuck earlier. Jerking off my sister was much different than jerking off my brother. Jordan had his hanging below him and it was easy to feel the slight variations in his sack that indicated the load of cum expanding his balls.

Jamie’s one testicle was tucked up in her body taking the place of where an ovary would lie in a different woman. It wasn’t as easy to judge the veracity of her cumshot. I heard Jamie moan louder as her cum began to shoot from her tube steak. I opened my mouth and let it splatter across my tongue before spilling out back down to her pussy lips. I continued to suck her pecker as her cock finished expelling its load, that is until she had me stop because she had become so sensitive.

There was cum dripping down my chin but I didn’t care. I lay on my back feeling a little breathless from all the hard work my lips and tongue had done. Jamie snuggled up under my armpit and began to play with my breasts. We lay together for a while, both of us recovering from our illicit love.

“That has got to be the best fucking set of orgasms I have ever had,” she finally managed to say. “I’ve only had a few orgasms that started in my pussy but none of them were ever that good.”

“Well, there is more of those to come. With it being period week I guess I’ll be doing more of that for you.”

“Maybe it isn’t a bad thing that you don’t feel comfortable having sex on your period. I might just benefit from this more than I thought,” Jamie said cheerfully.

After Jamie was finished praising my oral sex skills that I had aquired she started nursing my nipple as we cuddled.

“You know we are going to have to make the next act that Jordan does be even more humiliating than the last,” I said.

Jamie stopped sucking for a moment, ”Why is that?” My sister then returned to my nipple.

“We have to teach him how to be a good lover,” I said. “We need to humiliate him a little more.”

Jamie broke her grasp on my boob once again. “I think we shouldn’t humiliate him as much this time.”

“Why is that?”

“Oh come on. We want him to be a man, not a snivelling pussy who does whatever any woman tells him.”

“I’m listening,” I said.

“Well, maybe we can make him treat us like a gentleman? Maybe we should have him treat us like ladies and not participates in anything with him until he does so.”

I was about to ask Jamie to expound on her idea a bit more so I could gather what she was looking for. Instead we were interrupted by a faint knock at the door. We both stopped and listened, there it was again.

“Come in,” I said.

The door opened with a hesitant feeling and Jordan poked his head in. My sister and I were both naked as we lay on the bed together, there was nothing covering us. I thought that Jordan would rush in and whip out his dick demanding some sort of action. Instead he just looked at us as if to soak in the image. “May I come in,” he asked?

“Yes you may,” said Jamie. Then she moved away from me a little and waved her hand around as to present me to him. “Would you say that your sister is attractive,” she asked?

“Very attractive,” he responded.

“Would you say she has nice breasts?”

“Extremely nice breasts,” Jordan said. “Probably the best I’ve ever felt.”

Jamie looked upset, “You have touched my breasts too,” she pointed out as she pushed one of her boobs up against mine. “Are you saying that her breasts are better than mine?”

“Well, I’m just saying that she has nice breasts and I am lucky to have touched them. You have great boobs too and I would love for you to ask me to play with them.”

“I’ll tell you what. You have been so obedient that I’ll let you touch one breast and suck on my nipple while we tell you about our activities today.”

Without needing another invitation my brother got to his knees and moved over to my sister. He caressed her tit and began to gently suckle her titty.

“First things first,” Jamie said, “I need you to apologise to us for the way you have treated us. You have tried to rape me in the past,  you raped your sister, and then you fucked your sister in front of me without permission.”

Jordan broke from his imbibing, “I’m really sorry. I’m not just sorry for being an ass or for having sex but because I may have hurt you. I’m sorry.”

“That was great little brother. Now return to that mouth watering nipple,” I said.

Jamie giggled slightly at my comment and I looked at her to tell us what we were to do that day. “We have decided that it is time for you to stop being a sissy boy,” Jamie said. “We propose that it is time for you to learn to be a gentleman.”

I was hoping that Jamie would inform us more about what exactly we were going to do. “How should we do that,” I asked?

“Well, it is a social norm for a man to pay for a woman’s meal when they go out together,” she continued. “And Jordan, you will be taking us to breakfast this morning and you will let us order whatever we want. Then you will pay the bill without complaint.”

Jordan stopped sucking Jamie’s tit and looked looked up to us. “You want me to pay for all that?”

“Of course we do,” Jamie said. “Free sex is very rare and as I recall you have had free sex a number of times, mostly with Jessie. From this day forward her pussy will come with a cost. You must give payment, whether physical or spiritual, in order to have her pussy.”

“What do you mean spiritually,” he asked?

“Give it time, you will figure that out,” Jamie replied. “In the meantime I’ll be needing your ass this morning. Go get your lube and let me fuck you.”

Jordan stood and left our room to fetch his anal lubricant. I was a bit surprised to see him do as Jamie told him without saying anything about it. I was also surprised that she was ready to fuck again, especially after the dual orgasms I had given her. But, to my surprise I was feeling her erection pressing up against me.

“Are you really ready to go again,” I asked?

“I told you that I was really horny this morning,” she said.

I looked down and examined her dick; sure thing, she was firm enough to fuck again but not rock solid like she was earlier. “I’m impressed,” I said. “Now I feel bad that I’m on my period.”

“That is why our brother likes anal so much,” she said jokingly.

By this time Jordan had returned. He handed the lube off to Jamie and then assumed the position on all fours on the floor with his ass up in the air.

“What are you doing,” Jamie asked?

“Waiting for you to fuck my ass,” he replied.

Jamie got off the bed and stood up. “I would appreciate it if you would lay on your back on my bed, right there next to Jessie.” Jordan seemed a bit surprised but did as Jamie instructed. “Now pull your knees up to your chest,” she commanded.

Jordan pulled his knees up which opened his asshole to Jamie’s fuck stick. I was intrigued by my sister’s change in position and even more fascinated by the psychological implications of what was happening. She had to be more open to the idea of a relationship with my brother. Why else would she want a more intimate missionary position?

Jamie did her usual lubrication regime before pushing her dick into our brother’s ass. Then she lay down on top of him as if she was romantically connect with him while taking his ass. I watched as my sister began to gently fuck Jordan’s asshole, as if she were trying to caress it with her cock. Jordan simply lay back and enjoyed her tits slapping him in the face. I watched him with intent as he was reluctant at first to touch her boobs but the more she fucked him the more he groped at her. Before long he had his hands all over her fun bags while sucking each nipple individually and then squeezing her breasts together to suck them at the same time.

I was watching a real change in attitudes between Jamie and Jordan. They both seemed to be forgiving each other of past transgressions. I watched as they finally made an emotional bond. Two siblings, twins, were finally connecting as they should. Jamie eventually began to orgasm and shot her load into Jordan’s asshole. She collapsed on top of him, being rather exhausted from the morning’s activities. The held each other until her dick became limp enough to simply slip out of his ass, followed by a glob of cum.

Jamie lifted herself off of him, “Why don’t you go get dressed,” she said. “Then you can take us out to breakfast. I’m starving!”

“Sure thing sis,” Jordan said. “Sounds good but why do I have to pay again?”

Jamie reached down and grabbed his balls. “You pay because you have these and if you refuse to then I’ll bite them off and have these for breakfast.”

Jordan laughed a little. I could see that he was beginning to get into all this. “Let ‘em go! I’ll take you to breakfast.”

Jamie smiled as if she had just manipulated him to do exactly as she asked. “Go get dressed.”

Jordan bounded out of our room and I watched my sister as she began to put her clothes on. She put some panties on and tucked her cock under so it wouldn’t poke out. Then she put on her bra, adjusting her massive mammaries so that they fit well. She finally stopped and looked at me, “What? What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” I said. “I’m just watching you. Do you realize that you are starting to fall for Jordan?”

“I don’t need anyone to point it out for me. He will be a good fucker when we are done with him.”

“When are you going to let him into your pussy? You have only let him do that once and I know for a fact that getting fucked in the pussy is amazing.”

“I’ll let him, I just have to slap him a few more times,” she said. “Now stop fucking around and get dressed. Our brother is taking us out.”

Jamie and I walked closely together as we walked out to the car. Jordan followed behind, bounding down the driveway as if he had just fucked two girls. Instead he had just gotten assfucked himself. He jumped into the driver’s seat while Jamie and I sat quietly by the car.

“Do you think he will figure this out,” Jamie asked?

“Maybe,” I responded. “He may have to ask what we are doing. After all, he is a guy and we shouldn’t expect him to know everything.”

Jordan finally rolled the window down. He sounded flabbergasted when he asked, “What are you two waiting for?”

“A gentleman opens the door for his lady,” I said.

We could see the lights turn on in his brain. He jumped back out of the driver’s seat and ran around the car. He opened the passenger door and I stepped in before he closed it again. Finally he opened the rear passenger door and Jamie got into the car.

We made idle chat on the way to breakfast. Jordan kept steering the conversation towards sex while Jamie and I kept swaying the conversation in other directions. It took him awhile to catch on. When we reached the diner he asked why we wouldn’t talk about sex with him. “Gentlemen don’t talk about sex on the first date,” Jamie told him.

“What the hell,” he said. “We were just naked together. You fucked my ass and I sucked your tits!”

“Haven’t you put together what we are trying to do,” I asked? “You may be having sex with me and Jamie may be having sex with you but you won’t always be with women that you’ve been fucking. You need to treat us as if you want to get into our pants but you aren’t supposed to actually tell us that.”

“Fine,” he said. “I don’t think I’ll ever figure women out.” I could see Jamie’s face in the rearview mirror. She smiled at his comment.  We sat in our seats as Jordan got out of the car and began walking into the diner. He looked back at us, still sitting in the car, and walked over to open the door. “Sorry,” he said. “I’ll get this down eventually.”

As Jamie got out of the car she said, “Good thing you have a couple sisters who are willing to teach you.”

Now ordering breakfast was a different experience. Both Jamie and I ordered what we wanted, without concern for Jordan’s wallet. That is pretty mean but we were trying to show him how shallow some women can be. We could see Jordan squirm as we ordered our food. We knew it would hurt him a little but in the end he would be getting sex as often as he wanted, once he finished our lessons of punishment.

Jordan was much better about not discussing sex during breakfast. It had been years since he opened up to us and told us about himself. He did throw out a few sexual innuendos here and there but he never outright discussed our illicit incestous affair that we had all been so caught up in. It wasn’t until he started asking about how he is supposed to keep a woman interested in him that we were finally enveloped into the conversation.

“What do women really want,” he asked?

“I guess that would be a little different for each woman,” I said.

“How do you mean,” he asked?

“Well,” Jamie said, “you know how some women always want more things? They always want men to buy stuff for them?”

“Yeah,” he said, “I know the type.”

“That is how they feel loved. They enjoy men who are willing to spend everything they’ve got to please them.”

“What about other women,” he asked? “I know that not all girls are like that.”

“I don’t know about Jamie,” I said, “but I really like it when a guy tells me how pretty I am or when he wants to hold me.”

“Oh, I like that too,” Jamie piped up. “Especially when you know they won’t try to get sex or a feel of my tits.”

“See,” I told Jordan, “there you go. Now when you meet a girl you see what makes her tick and what makes her feel loved. That is what you do for her. Once a woman feels sufficiently cherished then she will be more likely to open up, if you know what I mean.”

Jamie laughed, “I know what you mean,” she said as she scooted herself a little closer to me and put her hand on my knee.

“So if I were to compliment you then you would be more willing to have sex with me,” Jordan asked me?

“I would be more open to the idea,” I replied.

“Let me try this out. Uhmm… How about… Uhmm… Ah, you have some really pretty eyes.”

I felt a few butterflies fluttering around in my stomach, “Oh, that is a start!”

“How about you trade me places,” he requested firmly.

“I think our little man is starting to be more confident,” I told Jamie.

I stood up from the table and switched places with him. Jordan sat down next to Jamie and put his arm around her. “I don’t care if you ever let me touch your breasts again. I just want to be close to you right now,” he said to her. I could see my sister melt a little under his influence and she snuggled in closer to him.

Our breakfast finished rather pleasantly. We had not only given our boy a large bill to pay but we had also given him a few keys to a woman’s heart. All he had to do now was to figure out how to use them. That doesn’t obviously happen right away but after some practice.

On the way out of the diner Jordan held the door open for Jamie and I, without being told. He walked us over to our car doors and opened them for us, without being told. Then on the way home he complimented each of us. To be honest he did that a little too much but like I said earlier, some things have to be practiced to get them right.

When we got home I was feeling rather sexually aroused. I could tell Jamie was feeling quite randy; I don’t think she ever stopped being horny from this morning. And, given the fact that we never took Jordan’s cum earlier in the morning we knew he had to be carrying an extra special load. Jordan pulled the car into the driveway, opened our car doors for us, and then opened the house door for us.

“Why don’t you come join us in our bedroom,” Jamie asked him?

Jordan looked at me, “May we have sex now?” At least he was polite about it.

We walked into our bedroom as Jordan followed. I’m sure he was expecting to get lucky. Jamie immediately took her clothes off and strutted around the room showing off her third erection of the day. Jordan followed suit with getting naked. Instead of strutting around the room he put one leg up on our office chair and let his balls hang freely and open to our view. I, in turn, took off my shirt and my pants but left my panties in place.

“Why don’t you get all the way naked like me and Jamie,” Jordan requested.

“Not today,” I said.

“Jessie has really good news for you. Go ahead, tell him!”

I walked over to my brother and pushed my tits into his chest as I reached down and took hold of his dick. “Well, you see little brother,” I started. “Well, the thing is that you came in me the other day. Now you know as well as I do that you could have gotten me pregnant.” I saw him starting to sweat a little thinking about the possibility. “Your cum filled my womb and you didn’t care about me having to raise a baby when you did that to me. All you cared about was getting off and now you have to live with the consequences.”

“Oh shit,” he replied. “Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh shit! Please don’t tell me that you are pregnant,” he begged.

“I’m not,” my brother relaxed with a great sigh of relief. I jerked his solid rod for a moment before telling him the rest. “I am not pregnant but you probably won’t be interested in having sex with me for a while. I’m also on my period.” Not being able to have sex for a while wasn’t bad news at all, at least not for a guy who had just been told he wouldn’t be a father before he was ready. “I mean, yeah, you could fuck me,” I continued. “But I’m not so sure I want to. I don’t feel all that confident about my pussy right now. Plus you would end up getting blood all over your dick.”

“Oh, I’m okay,” Jordan said. “I’m just fine. We don’t have to have sex. It is no big deal.”

Jamie spread her legs and fingered her pussy a little. “Oh, what’s that I hear,” she teased? “Is that a wet pussy needing to be fucked?”

“Really,” Jordan asked excitedly?

“Hell no! You still have two slaps left. I’m not giving myself up to you so easily.”

I stopped Jamie from teasing him any longer. “I tell you what. You were so kind and nice to us today that I’ll give you a blowjob. I’ll suck your cock until it shoots its hot creamy cum all over me.”

“That sounds really nice,” Jordan said delightfully.

“Then get that naked ass of yours on the edge of my bed,” I told him. Of course he wasn’t going to take his time. I’ve seen my brother move with a purpose on a few occasions, and this was one of them. He sat on the bed and his dick looked upwards. “Now lay back,” I said. He let himself fall onto his back and his dick followed his actions. His cock was so stiff that when he lay down it ended up looking towards him.

“Very nice,” Jamie said.

I took my position between his legs and began to tease his schlong. I kissed his inner thighs from his knees to his ball sack. In the meantime Jamie sat on the bed next to him. I started by sucking in his balls and then pushing them back out. Then I ran my tongue up one side of his meat popsicle and then back down the other side. I savored the cock flavor, a taste sensation that I had been craving since he had turned me on so much during breakfast.

I finally lifted his dick with my hand and sucked his mushroom shaped cock head into my mouth. I heard him moan in pure delight as I licked the precum from his dick hole. I bobbed my head up and down on his shaft, doing my best to take as much of him in as I could. I could tell that he wasn’t going to last long. Honestly, I don’t blame him with as much as we had teased him that morning.

I thought I would try to lengthen the blowjob a little by letting go of his dick and moving to play with his balls for a while. I had just gotten down there when I felt my sister’s mouth push my hand out of the way. Jamie had decided she wanted more dick in her mouth and I certainly didn’t blame her. I continued to tease his balls as Jamie bounced her mouth on his cock.

Suddenly, I felt his balls begin to tighten up and I knew he was going to shoot his load. Apparently Jamie didn’t realize it because she stayed latched onto his prick. She sucked his dick in and out a few more times before he started to shoot is gorgeous cream into her mouth. Jamie gagged for a moment and opened her jaw, dropping his dick from its position. A load of cum dropped from her mouth while his cock still ejaculated.

Jamie sat up straight and started to wipe the cum from her chin. I licked my brother’s shaft once again and tried picking up as much of his cum into my mouth as I could. I sucked a glob off his stomach and swallowed it for him.

“That was fucking great,” Jordan said.

“You came in my mouth,” replied Jamie. “You didn’t warn me or anything you just outright came in my mouth!”

Jordan knew he was in for it now! She should have told her that he was ready to cum. “I’m sorry,” he said. “I didn’t know.”

“Get up on your knees and show me that ass of yours,” she replied. Jordan did as she told him.

“Don’t you want my lube before we do this,” he asked?

Jamie looked down at his ass. There was a definite bruise from where she had slapped him earlier, covering a good portion of his left butt cheek. She raised her hand into the air and with similar force as she had punished him last time, she smacked his ass.

“OH, FUCK,” he yelled! I could see him trying to hold back a few tears. I really felt bad for him but he did agree to do all of this.

I sat in front of him and cuddled his head into my soft breasts. “You only owe one more slap,” I said. Your punishment is nearly over. My brother snuggled into my chest for a while. I assume he was trying to regain his composure. Jordan eventually stood up and picked up his clothes while Jamie and I watched him leave.

“Don’t you think you were a little hard on him,” I asked? “It isn’t all that bad of a thing to have a guy cum in your mouth.”

“Maybe you are right,” Jamie responded. “But I can’t take it back now. I promise I won’t slap him so hard for the last one. Besides, after I slap him I’ll let him fuck me and I don’t want him sniveling while we are bumping nasties. Maybe we should get our clothes on now, I’ve had enough sex for today.”

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9 Responses to Hermaphrodite Sister – Chapter 8

  1. Fan says:

    Its nice to see them finally actually trying to make him better and caring(i refuse to believe a guy this clueless about women wasn’t a virgin before all of this), its especially good to see it from Jaime. But he’s paid for the sex in the past by agreeing to the deal where both Jaime fucks him without regard to either if he gets off or is in pain(hypocrite) and the slaps which have been abusive(i guess some girls feel if you get a guy off they can do whatever) so I am confused. Also by the accusation of him trying to rape Jaime, forgetting about the Jesse “rape”, waving your dick and asking for a blowjob is harrassment at most. Oh and will he ever try anal himself? I’m sure he would be more considerate than Jaime(although she is improving) especially since he knows if he’s less then perfect he’ll recieve more bruises. She saw the old bruise even after his apology and went all out anyways with no apology. I’m sorry for nitpicking it was a great new addition to a wonderful series and its awesome to see the rebirth of their relationship. Sorry to hear about tumblr, I was a fan of that too ; >

    • Jillicious says:

      I seem to get this kind of sentiment from a lot of men. Perhaps you feel emasculated because Jordan has been emasculated? You are correct, he is not an idiot but is instead a desperate boy who wants sex from both of his sisters. I know many people have complained because he gets treated poorly and have even called it abuse, but things will change for him, just wait and see.

      • Fan says:

        I’m a girl and I’m against abuse in all its forms. But maybe I’m taking this too personal because my little brother was in a abusive relationship with a girl who always gave an excuse or a sorry and did it again later(not a funny or cute one either, black eye kinda stuff). So if so I’m sorry. I just find it odd these sisters are so beautiful to each other and then do a 180 on their brother. They so far have acted worse then him and only now seem to care about actually making him better. But its a story and if it was with perfect people it would be boring, and Jordan isn’t the only sibling evolving so I trust you. To the next ch. my captain 8 > P.S As for emasculating him. I’m all for Jaime fucking him(its hoooot) and its enlightening for him. I’m just take issue with the abuse and the double standards. I myself have a policy where no guy gets my ass until they play with my purple friend so they are more understanding and cautious when its the other way around 8 >

        • Jillicious says:

          You are correct, it is a double standard. I just find it interesting that this story, a clear work of fiction, has invoked so many emotional responses.

        • Fan says:

          Fiction in all its forms can do that Jill. And having those who care about your characters, their actions, and the story and not just spending quality time with themselves is a good thing. You say the dawn is coming in the next ch. and believe you : >

  2. Fan says:

    P.S Have you ever sat down to give a observation or ask a question and ended up with this huge thing. Sorry about the essay above, hopefully you take it as a compliment. Anyways I was hoping you could be so kind as give a headsup on the next ch, pretty please :>

    • Jillicious says:

      The next chapter should be fairly soon. I have some personal life issues I am dealing at the moment so as soon as those are all resolved then I’ll get the next chapter finished.

      • Fan says:

        Damn I might have a problem. I’m sorry about my monstrocity above. Hopefully its just a side effect of liking this series(usually I’m a its great or it sucks kinda girl). I’m as you can proberly tell looking forward to the next ch.(glad to hear its soon so thanks) and hope things go well for you in life with those things that gotta get done : >

  3. Jillicious says:

    This comment is for the person who refers to themselves as “Concern” and uses the obviously fake email nofriendnoemail4u@yahoo.com

    I won’t be publishing your comments. If you don’t like my stories then don’t read them. It is that simple. I don’t get paid for writing stories and I don’t believe I’ve “turned on the fans”. Anyone, including you, who doesn’t like what I write can stop reading. There is nothing keeping you here. Although I do know it is difficult to get out when you live in Arizona. It is too fucking hot to get outside all the time but you have to work on something else besides writing one page inflammatory comments.

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