Trading Spaces

Trading Spaces

There are some movies that touch our lives. Some movies make us cry or laugh and some make us think. There are movies that take over our thoughts for days on end or those that change the way we think all together. But has a movie really changed your life? Has it ever physically entered your life in such a dramatic manner that you are never the same? This did happen to a young unsuspecting pair of siblings. A pair of siblings who were about to play on the stage of life called the Twilight Zone.

Sharon had lived quite a normal life with nothing in particular out of order. She was a 15 year old teenager who loved her life and the opportunities she was afforded. She was also a major movie buff, watching and almost memorizing entire feature length films. At times she would became enamored with particular movies until she knew them front to back. Almost every movie Sharon watched was made to target the teenage girl market, you know the kind; the quasi romantic yet still funny while remaining innocent teenager movies. There are a lot of movies where a girl makes a wish and her wish becomes granted. Yes, Sharon was a movie buff, and she knew all of these movies by heart.

Sharon also had an older brother named Gary. Gary was as regular a guy as he could be. He wasn’t a sporty fellow nor did he fit in with all the geeky kids at school. Yes, Gary was just a regular ho hum run of the mill guy who happened to fit right into the middle social class of his peers. Gary also enjoyed movies but, like all teenaged boys, he was repulsed by the young teenage girl movies that Sharon had insisted on relentlessly watching. Gary was more into action and comedy movies. Not the cheesy romantic teenage flicks that portrayed all teens as being far superior to their adult counterparts, but the all out action flicks with lots of blood and gore. Gary was also a rather intelligent guy, who would rather spend his time reading books rather that watching predictable dramas transpire on the silver screen. He didn’t memorize movies as Sharon did but he did well at memorizing many things, most of which had to do with school.

Like all teenaged girls Sharon dreamt of magical things happening to her in the most terrific ways. Little did she know it but she was about to make a wish that would forever change her life. Of course those fanciful teenaged thoughts had never cared about how others were affected, even their own siblings. In Sharon’s case her wish would create a graphic and somewhat intolerable effect on Gary’s life. Sitting out among the twilight of night Sharon looked up towards the sky. She was watching for a shooting star, one to send her wish upon which would remove her life’s burdens.  Although Sharon knew it would not actually come true, she still searched the sky for a falling star to wish upon.

Now there was nothing particularly wrong with Sharon’s life, her parents had done their best to make it as pleasant as possible. If she had been living in a fairy tale she would be the princess of the castle. It may seem to some of us that there could be nothing wrong with what she had, but in her mind there was a problem. Sharon was a girl and like all girls she had to endure stomach cramps combined with blood flowing from her pussy every single month. Of course she is not the first woman to want to wish away her periods, some of which turned out to be fairly grueling  but she was perhaps the first girl, or one that we have a record of, to wish upon a star at the exactly proper time. Just as she had expected, Sharon finally saw a shooting star whose tail glistened across the night sky. “I wish,” she said aloud, “I wish I didn’t have periods anymore!”

Unbeknown to Sharon, at that same moment her brother Gary was also wishing. Of course Gary wasn’t wishing for the same fanciful ideas as his sister. He was not nearly as pure in heart as his little sister. You see, he was in his room, not wishing upon any star or upon in particular, he was just wishing. Gary lay in his bed fantasizing about women with their tits and asses bouncing for his enjoyment. His perverted thoughts had imagined his dick filling a woman’s love cavity and subsequently his baby seed. “I wonder what that would be like,” Gary thought. “I wish I knew what it would be like to have a pussy.”

At the exact same moment Sharon uttered the words of her wish, Gary also spoke the words of his. “I wish I knew what it was like to be a woman,” he said aloud. These two wishes, both of equal and opposite design, had counteracted each other in ways that neither sibling could fathom. Starting with each of their feet and travelling to the tip of their heads, an intense tingle shot up across both of their bodies. Two siblings, two wishes, and two tingly moments, unknown to them at the time, had been shared between them. Both Sharon and her older brother Gary jumped to their feet in response to the tingle. There was something odd about it and something that felt quite magical. This tingle appeared to take a part of their souls with a shockingly pronounced way.

Sharon hurried into the house and right up the stairs to her room. She quickly climbed into her bed and awaited the outcome of her wish upon a star. In her heart and deep within her soul she knew that her wish would come true. She knew that the magical feeling that had come over her was there to give her what she wanted.

Let’s not forget about her brother Gary, who in his own imbecilic teenager way simply thought aloud to himself, “What the hell was that?” Without concern for his wish he went about his business. Before long his eyes drooped with sleepiness and he, just like Sharon, had also gone to bed.

A magical sweepity-swap had happened between Gary and Sharon. Their souls had drifted that evening and ended up inhabiting each other’s bodies, all because they both had their selfish wishes at the same moment. Luckily for both of them the school year had just ended a few short weeks earlier. They were out for their summer vacation with nothing holding them down. They were also quite lucky that their parents were workaholics who were usually too busy to pay attention to them. Gary and Sharon were destined to spend their summer alone, to do as they wished without much interference from their parents.

Sharon awoke the next morning after that fateful wish. She yawned and stretched her arms above her head and while staying in bed she looked up at the ceiling. She felt different; awkwardly and somehow disastrously different. She noticed that the little pattern in the ceiling was not the same as the one she had grown accustomed to. She looked down at her bed and noticed that her bedspread was gone and that she was not in her own bed but in Gary’s. Sharon quickly remembered the night before and remembered her wish. She also very clearly remembered the tingle that rocked her body as if it had just happened. “Oh shit!,” Sharon thought to herself. “I think this might be my fault. I think my wish caused me to jump into my brother’s body.” She looked at the clock. It was nearly 9:00 AM and she knew her parents were at work by now.

Sharon jumped from Gary’s bed and ran into the bathroom. She quickly flipped on the light and shut the door. Sharon’s eyes looked into the mirror and saw Gary’s eyes staring back at her. Sharon stared in amazement and denial as she began to cope with the fact that she was now in her brother’s body and Gary will inevitably wake up in her body. Just as she began to realize what had happened she felt an urge to urinate. “No, no way,” Sharon thought to herself. “I can’t do this. I can’t touch it.” Sharon frantically looked back into the mirror and began to wish out loud, “I wish I were myself again. I wish I were myself again!” Sharon wished over and over, but to no avail. The more she wished the more she could feel the urge to pee.

Completely shocked by what she was about to do, Sharon pulled her pajama bottoms down. She glanced at Gary’ cock; she was intrigued and disgusted at the same time. Sharon sat down on the toilet to take care of business but she quickly learned that she would have to touch his cock in order to avoid urinating all over her legs. She reached down and grabbed the dick between her legs which was acting like an out of control firehose. This was the first time she had ever seen let alone touched a penis. She had seen them in pictures but had never seen one in real life. Sharon finished and wiped herself off. She got up and quickly pulled up her pajama bottoms. She cleaned off the toilet seat and began to realize how easy it was for guys to pee all over the place. She used to complain about it but now that she had experienced it herself she would be much more tolerant.

Sharon knew she had to explain this to her brother. She knew she had to tell him what she had done. She was leaving the bathroom when she heard a girl scream. It wasn’t just any girl screaming, it was her voice screaming. Sure enough Gary was awake and had presently found himself in Sharon’s body.

Gary had been awake for some time. Gary opened his eyes about the same time that Sharon had run into the bathroom. Like Sharon Gary stared at the ceiling and noticed that it was somehow different. He looked at her bed and realized he was not in his room. He got out of bed and stared in the large full length mirror Sharon had on her door. He stared at her body and began to realize what he thought was his fault. Last night he wished to know what it was like to be a woman. He stared into the mirror at Sharon’s body. He pulled his sister’s night gown up revealing her panties. He continued to pull it up past her breasts. He looked at his sister’s breasts and the whole situation had sunk in. Gary screamed in shock and was nearly knocked over has Sharon opened the door.

Sharon saw her body with her boobs hanging out in front of her. “Stop looking at my boobs you pervert!” Sharon screamed at her brother. It was surreal to watch her own body without being in it. It was more surreal to hear herself talking in Gary’ voice.

Gary dropped the night gown and looked at his sister standing in his own body, “Sorry! Shut up and shut the door. We have some things we need to talk about.” Gary nearly grabbed his mouth in shock as he heard Sharon’s voice instead of his.

Sharon shut the door and the both began to speak at the same time. Both together in unison, “Last night, I wished that…”, and then they both stopped.This was the first time that they had both realized that they were not individually at fault. Together they had wished for their lives to change.

They both stared at each other. It was extremely surreal to stare into each other’s eyes. They were looking at their own eyes but it felt as if their own eyes were in the heads that they occupied. Karry broke the silence, “Gary, we have to figure this out. I made a wish last night that I think got us in this situation. I have already tried to reverse the wish but it didn’t work.”

Gary thought for a quick moment, “Sharon, I made a wish last night too. Maybe if I wish again.”

“OK,” Sharon said, “Say your wish again.”

Gary squirmed uncomfortably as he said his wish again in front of Sharon, “I… I wish. I wish I knew what it was like to be a woman.”

Sharon heard Gary wish and felt overwhelmed. There was no way it was her fault, she just didn’t want the periods. It had to be Gary’ fault. He was the one who wished to be a woman! They both waited a few minutes but there was nothing. No tingle and clearly there was no wish granted. “Oh I hate you!” Sharon exclaimed as she stormed out of her room. She went into Gary’ room and felt completely out of place. This wasn’t her room, but she couldn’t go into her room. Gary was there in her body! No doubt he was looking at her naked body. She knew how much he wanted to see it. There were times that Sharon knew Gary had been ogling his own sister.

Sharon lifted her hands up on her head. The smell that emanated from Gary’ armpit was strong. The stank caused her to drop her hands and put them under Gary’ armpits. Technically they were her armpits at the moment but she didn’t want to admit that her armpits could smell so terrible. If she was stuck in Gary’ body for now then she had to take a shower. There was no way she could wait to be changed back with armpits that smelled like that. Sharon went back into the bathroom and tried to face the grim experience that she was about to have. She was about to take off all her clothes and wash all of her brother’s body parts. That means she would have to touch his cock again.

Sharon pulled her pajama top off and looked at her brother’s chest. For not being athletic it was sure pretty hot. He didn’t have a six pack or anything but he was pretty thin and had some nice pectorals. Sharon took in a deep breath and looked down and sighed. She had to take it all off to get in the shower. Sharon pulled the pajama bottoms down along with her brother’s underwear. She stepped out of her pajama bottoms while avoiding looking downwards. Sharon started the shower, first getting it too hot, then too cold, then too hot again. “Stupid shower,” she thought. She then nudged the water knob slightly and the water settled into a temperature that was just right. Sharon jumped in the shower and immediately began the assault on Gary’ armpits. She scrubbed his armpits with a washcloth filled with antibacterial dial soap. After her all out assault on the stench from the armpits Sharon began to rub the soap across the rest of the body she now occupied. After rubbing down her new man chest she finally looked down again at Gary’s cock. She was going to have to wash it. She was going to have to rub it with the soap. She wasn’t too interested in touching it let alone washing it.

Sharon’s disgust for Gary’ cock was beginning to subside the more she stared at it. She was intrigued with it but didn’t want to admit it, especially to herself. She pushed the soap down and began to rub that succulent dick. Sharon lathered it up and was quite pleased with the way it felt. Sharon kept lathering and rubbing; rubbing the balls and the shaft as the pleasure began to mount. She felt kind of naughty but enjoyed the feeling at the same time. Sharon kept rubbing the shaft and realized how easy it was for guys to masturbate.

Here she was a guy for less than an hour and she was already masturbating. Sharon was beginning to understand what it was like to be in a testosterone filled body. She stroked her new cock with vigor and delight until she began to feel an orgasm coming on. She had that feeling before, but not as a man. Sharon felt her cock begin to swell even more. Just as she was ready to shoot sperm all over the shower she heard the door open.

Gary walked into the bathroom. “Sharon, don’t look at my cock!” Gary joked with her in response to what she had said earlier.

“Uuuhh,” Sharon moaned as sperm shot from her. The feeling rushed through her body and she felt her body jerk from the orgasm.

“What the hell are you doing?” Gary said in Sharon’s voice. Gary poked his head into the shower and saw her standing there in his body with his cock in her hand with soap all over the place. “What the Hell? Where you masturbating? You have my body for less than an hour and you’re already jerking off?” Gary started to chuckle knowing that it is so easy for guys to masturbate.

“I.. I.. I’m sorry,” Sharon stuttered. “I couldn’t help it. I started to wash it and it felt so good.”

Gary laughed slightly as he took off Sharon’s nightgown and panties. He stood there naked in front of the bathroom mirror and felt himself getting excited. He poked his head back into the shower, “Mind if I join you?”  he said as he jumped into the shower with Sharon.

“What? No! Get out!” Sharon was rather embarrassed that she had already been caught masturbating. The last thing she needed now was to have her brother jump in the shower with her.

“Why not? It isn’t like I haven’t seen my body naked before. And you did just jerk me off. Well, you jerked yourself off but you’re in my body,” Gary replied to her pointing to Sharon’s body with a Vanna White hand gesture, “And it isn’t like you haven’t seen yourself naked before,”

“I guess you’re right,” Sharon said as her body language became less defensive.

Gary jumped into the shower, “So Sharon, How do you wash this much hair? You’re going to have to help me out because I don’t know anything about how to take care of all this hair. How am I supposed to do my hair? How do I actually put on a bra? I just wonder because I have only taken them off before. You’re going to have to help me with all this girl stuff until we get this figured out.”

Sharon pushed her body that was now occupied with her brother’s alien soul under the shower head. First you have to get wet. Gary felt his hands running through his now girly hair and along his new head; it felt really nice. Gary felt his sexual excitement building. Sharon pulled the tea tree shampoo bottle off the side of the tub shelf. She popped the top of it and put some into her hands. She rubbed it between her hands so she could get an even amount applied to her hair. She had worked hard to keep her hair looking good and with a brilliant shine. There was no way she was going to let her brother ruin it for her now, even if she had to wash it every day until they switched back. “Make sure you scrub your head with your fingernails. It helps keep your scalp cleaner.” Sharon said as she tried to scrub the scalp of her body with her brother’s obnoxiously short fingernails. “And stop biting your fingernails. I don’t want mine to look as bad as yours.”

“Yes ma’am,” Gary said sarcastically as he stared at his own chest. Sharon’s actions of scrubbing his head was really turning him on. Gary was so used to having an erection when he was aroused. Not having one meant that being sexually aroused wasn’t as easy to notice.  Sharon was now done with his new hair and told him to rinse it out. Gary put his head back under the shower head and rinsed the shampoo out of his hair. As soon as he lifted his head back up Sharon assaulted him with conditioner.

“Use conditioner every time,” Gary snickered a little. “Don’t laugh. It’s important to keep the shine in my hair. If it starts looking like crap because you aren’t taking care of it I’m going to be pissed.” Gary just stood there and felt his pussy get more wet as Sharon conditioned his hair. These new thoughts and feelings were something quite different from what he had experienced as a man. Pressure was the best word he could think of to describe his new feeling of excitement. Pressure was building between his legs. “Now wash the rest of your body with a washcloth and make sure you scrub good. I don’t want my body to start to smell like yours did this morning.”

Sharon opened the shower curtain, grabbed a towel, and jumped out. Gary found himself in the shower alone and with the cleanest feeling head he has ever had. He also found himself in a horny state that urged for him to try rubbing one off as his sister had. He grabbed the bar of soap and started to wash his chest. Gary felt up his sister’s breasts as he washed them. She had a really nice body, he had never noticed it before today. He rubbed her breasts and nipples. He felt the surge of electric excitement run from his nipples down to the new pussy between his legs. He slid his finger between his slit and felt the pressure build even more. He rubbed Sharon’s pussy from top to bottom and slid a finger in her virgin opening. Gary love the feeling so much that he kept rubbing. He rubbed hard and fast with one hand while moving a finger in and out with his other hand. Gary tried to be quiet because Sharon hadn’t left the bathroom yet. Gary figured that she must have been looking at herself in the mirror. Gary’s thoughts went back to Sharon’s pussy and he rubbed harder and faster than before. Gary felt the pressure build and build and then without much warning his body began to twitch. He slid to his knees and began to moan, “Oh, Uuuuh. Yeah.”

His moment of pleasure was broken with the sound of his own voice. Of course it was really Sharon, “What the hell are you doing now? Are you masturbating?”

“You don’t have room to talk Sharon. You jerked off earlier.” Gary said back to her.

Sharon knew he was right. She didn’t watch it or even experience it but she somehow felt violated. Sharon had never told Gary that he could masturbate her body. She had been excited by the mere sight of the body she was in. “It isn’t right,” Sharon thought, “I’m getting off looking at my brother’s body and my brother is getting off looking at mine.” It was awkward enough that they occupied each other’s bodies, but now they were sexually active with each other in a roundabout sort of way. Sharon knew that her brother was going to do it. She knew that he would explore every part of her body with or without her permission.

“I’m still a virgin,” Sharon said out loud.

“What?” Gary said.

“I’m still a virgin and I want to stay that way. Don’t run off and let your friends fuck my pussy. If you lose my virginity I will hate you for the rest of your life. And don’t put weird objects up there either. I want my hymen to be intact when I get back to my body.”

“I’m still a virgin too,” Gary responded to her. “So don’t go around fucking your friends either. Jerk it all you want but keep it to yourself.”

Sharon felt a bit more satisfied with his response. She wasn’t sure whether to be more shocked about him being a virgin or that he gave her permission to masturbate. Sharon had to put her trust into her brother. She had no choice really, trust was the only thing that was going to keep them together and help them not fight. They had to stay friends if they wanted to change back.

Sharon left the bathroom and went into her brother’s room. She opened his closet and looked at his clothes. “Uh,” Sharon thought, “What an atrocious wardrobe.” She shuffled through the shirts hanging up. As she moved around the closet she noticed the semi-hard cock hanging between her legs. She wasn’t used to having anything there. She could feel it swinging back and forth as she looked through his clothes. It felt odd and awkward to her. She looked down and stared at Gary’ cock. “Why are you attached to me?” she said aloud. She finally picked a yellow and blue striped polo shirt and grabbed a pair of jeans.

Sharon threw Gary’ clothes on his bed and sat next to them. She looked down and was still rather upset at the predicament that she was in. Sharon stared at her brother’s cock. She had never seen one in real life before today but now she has one attached to her. The disgust that she had felt earlier had subsided and now it was complete fascination. She grasped the cock shaft and began to jerk it a little. She wanted to watch Gary’ cock cum again. She briefly saw the white sperm shoot from this same cock before her brother scared her half to death. Nothing like hearing your own voice tell you to stop looking.

Sharon reached down and felt Gary’ scrotum. She squeezed one of his nuts and quickly learned how sensitive they really are. She gently felt up the balls between her legs and began to wonder why they were called ‘balls’. After all they weren’t really round. After spending some time on the scrotum she moved back to the shaft. She felt the mushroom looking head. It was certainly sensitive. Perhaps the most sensitive part of the cock. She rubbed just the head for some time but realized it would take a whole lot to make herself orgasm that way. She began moving her hand up and down her shaft. It didn’t take much longer before she watched as the cock spewed cum all over her hand. She looked at the white creamy love juice, moved her hand up to her nose and sniffed it, then she stuck out her tongue and gave it a taste. The sweet salty flavor zipped through her tongue. She had just tasted her brother’s cum, but more humorous to her is that it was really her brother’s tongue that had tasted his own cum.

Meanwhile, Gary was just finishing up his shower. Gary opened the shower curtain just as Sharon had shut the bathroom door. He was hoping she would stick around to see where things might go. She has a smokin hot body and thought it would be fun to try messing around a bit. But it would be really awkward kissing himself. Gary grabbed the remaining towel on the towel rack and dried off. He took the time to stare at Sharon’s body. It was so amazing; he had never realized that his sister had grown up to be a woman and quite a stunning one at that. Her tits were plump yet perky and she had even kept her pussy trimmed.

Gary ran his fingers through Sharon’s long, silky hair. He put the towel around his head and tried to wrap it up as he had seen Sharon do so many times but he was terrible at it. He had the towel on his head but it was loose and falling off. There was no way he was going to be able to figure that out. He looked in the mirror, “I have a towel on my head. I’m a towel head. Funny. Would you like to Taliban with me?” Gary laughed at his obviously ridiculous and so very purposeful non-politically correct humor. He wrapped the towel around his body, covering up the breasts hanging from his chest. “This is going to take a lot of getting used to,” he thought.

Gary knew that he would never be able to figure out what to wear. So instead of heading for Sharon’s room he went for his own. He walked in to see Sharon still sitting naked in his body, on his bed. “I thought you would be dressed by now,” Gary said to her.

“It is so weird to hear you talk in my voice,” Sharon said back, “and I’m not dressed yet because I was just figuring things out.”

“You mean you were looking at my body?”

“Don’t make fun of me Gary. This is already hard enough as it is.”

“Don’t worry sis, I understand. I was checking out your body too. I never knew you were so smokin’ hot!”

“Thanks, I guess. I’ll take that as a compliment.”

“Great. Hey could you show me what you normally wear? What do I do with all this hair? How to I put on a bra?”

“Alright. I’ll get dressed and we can go to my room. I’ll help you with it all. The last thing I need is for you to make me look like a slob.”

Gary walked briskly to Sharon’s room. There was a bit of a skip in his step because he was finding out what it was like to have his boobs flop up and down. Gary opened the door to her room and removed the towel. He stood there staring at himself in the mirror again. He lifted Sharon’s breasts up and let them fall. “Stop doing that,” He heard his voice. Sharon was looking at him disapprovingly.

“Sorry,” Gary said back to her. “You tucked in that shirt? You know how stupid that makes me look?”

“I don’t care how you think it makes you look. I like it. Now lets get some clothes on you,” Sharon looked her body up and down. “First of all you’re going to need some underwear.” Sharon opened her dresser and pulled out a pair of women’s briefs.

“What no thong?” Gary inquired?

Sharon looked at him menacingly. “Just put them on,” She pulled out a bra. “Let me show you how to use this.” Sharon pulled the bra around him, “Now clasp it.” Sharon watched as Gary fumbled with the bra clasp but eventually got it together. “Good, now pull the straps up your arms. And then adjust my boobs so they are comfortable.” Sharon watched as Gary did as she said. “Its really hard to watch you touch me knowing that it is you in my body.”

“I know. I’m sorry sis. We will figure out how to get back into our own bodies. But for now I’ll do my best to keep things as you have them. Would you mind if i snapped a few pictures?”

“Stop being an ass. This is already as awkward as it could be. Please don’t make it worse. I’m not sure I can deal with it right now.”

Gary quickly stopped joking, “So what would you like me to wear?”

Sharon searched her closet and pulled out a cute outfit. It was an outfit that would completely make her brother feel vulnerable. It had a low cut front that would show off her cleavage as well as a shorter skirt that would show off her legs. She picked it on purpose, so Gary would really know what it is like for a guy to hit on him. “I always wanted a little brother or sister to dress up. You’re not quite what I imagined, but you will do,” she said. Sharon watched as Gary put on the tight little outfit. Sharon looked her body over and said, “You look hot.”

“Thanks,” said Gary. “We still need to figure out how to get back to our own bodies. I have enjoyed being in your body but I really want to get back into mine.”

“We have to figure this out Gary. Don’t worry, we got ourselves into this mess and we will be able to get ourselves out. Why don’t we take our minds off this for a little while. We can head off to the mall and get something to eat?”

“Great idea,” Gary said.

“You can’t call me Sharon in public. You will have to call me Gary.” Sharon suggested the mall on purpose. She knew that in the outfit Gary was wearing that he would be relentlessly hounded by some awkward guy. If he really wanted to know what being a woman was like he was going to figure it out.

It was a short drive to the mall; Sharon was very hungry and headed straight for the food court. Gary on the other hand decided that he wanted to look around a bit. However, he was quite unaware of how his geeky like habits were about to put him into the direct fire of other geeky men. He had been to the bookstores, software etc., and game trading shops quite a bit. However, he had never ever been to any of these stores as a 15 year old girl wearing a sexy outfit. Gary walked into the local game shop. He had been looking for a good racing game to play on his newly acquired Xbox. He felt ridiculous with the purse that Sharon had made him carry around. She wouldn’t let him just take his wallet. She said it would make him look weird.

Gary began searching for the latest Need for Speed or Gran Turismo. Either one would suit his needs just fine. He just needed a game with fast cars. It wasn’t long before a dorky looking dude came up to him. He smiled with his yellow teeth and attempted to brush his greasy hair with his hand. “Hey, I see you’re looking at Need for Speed.”

Gary looked awkwardly at this grease ball. “Yeah,” he said in response. Gary had never been hit on by another guy. He knew he looked good in his sister’s body and that he had a nice view of her cleavage. Gary forgot that every other guy would also have a good view of that valley between the luscious mountains.

“So are you going to go home and play it?” the greasy dork tried to continue the conversation.

“Yeah,” Gary said. Things were beginning to get pretty awkward now and Gary was beginning to feel extremely self conscious.

“Maybe I could go home with you. We could play it together.” this greasy dork was doing all he could to be friends with him.

“Why? Don’t you have your own Xbox at home,” Gary inquired?

“Sure I do. I just don’t see too many pretty girls in here like you.”

With the greasy dorks’ last statement Gary began to understand the full complexity of what was happening. It was amazing to him how pathetic this pickup attempt was. Gary had done similar things, although not being greasy, but he had never realized how bad it made him actually look. “No, thats OK. I’m buying it for my brother. Did you want to go play it with him?”

The grease dork backed off and pushed up his glasses. “Uh, well, I guess not. Thanks anyways.” Not only was Gary now amazed at the pathetic pickup attempt he was also shocked by how easy the guy gave up. There was no way in hell that he would have ever said yes to that dork, but why didn’t he try harder? It seemed to be a direct reflection on Gary’ life. There were many times that he felt some girl would have gone out with him if he would have asked her the right question or if we would have just tried harder. He was beginning to understanding women.

Gary purchased his game and was quickly on his way. After his last awkward encounter he became more fully aware of his surroundings. He noticed the couple of young teenagers following him through the mall corridor. He also became well aware of the older men staring at him as he walked by them. He had no idea that his sister could attract attention from so many men, both young and old.

This mall experience had really opened up his eyes to what his sister had to deal with every day. He walked around becoming increasingly more self conscious. He began feeling like he needed to pull his shirt up and his skirt down. “Damn that Sharon. Why didn’t she give me some clothes that covered me up better?” Gary thought to himself. Just as the eyes of men were about to swallow his soul Gary found a way out. He ducked into Macy’s department store and went to the lingerie section. The guys looking and following were no longer around. Gary was finally secluded in a safe place, in an awkwardly safe place for him, but still a safe place.

Gary was unaware that there were eyes still watching him. He looked up and his eyes met with the older girl at the cosmetic counter. “Trying to ditch some guys?” The soft voice said to him.

“Yeah, I am,” Gary replied. “Its good to know I’m not the only girl that has to do this kind of stuff.” Those words came from his mouth but he felt so awkward saying it, after all, he just called himself a girl. Now he was standing in Macy’s talking to a ridiculously gorgeous cosmetics girl who understood what she had just been through.

“You will have to stop going to that game store,” the cosmetics woman said while pointing to her recent purchase in it’s bag. “Its a haven for young guys who think they can rock your world.”

Gary giggled a little and replied, “Yeah, your right.”

“You look a bit pale. Have you ever thought about wearing some makeup?”

“I have thought about it but my mom said she would kill me if i wore too much,” he said weirdly.

“You have a very beautiful face. A little eyeliner, some lipstick to attract attention to your lush lips. You would wear it well.”

Gary scuttled around a bit. He was in Macy’s talking to a completely hot woman in his sister’s body and his sisters clothes. The last thing he wanted on his face was makeup. But he desperately wanted to have some sort of interaction with this woman.

“Come on.” the cosmetologist said to him. “I won’t charge you for what we put on you today. If you like it you could buy some and if you don’t then you can wipe it off.”

Gary slid onto the stool that was in the isle near the cosmetologist’s counter. She started with a light base. Gary felt her soft fingers rubbing her skin. His excitement level began to rise as this woman massaged the base onto her skin. She pulled out some eyeliner and began to apply it. The simple and gentle strokes from this woman made Gary feel sensual. Gary could feel the wetness in his panties and for the first time began to question his sexuality. He was in a girl’s body. He had breasts, a pussy, and some pretty damn soft skin. Yet he was still really attracted to women. Would that make him a lesbian if they could never figure out how to switch back? The cosmetologist finished up with a volumizing lipstick that gave her lips a good shine.

“There we go,” said the cosmetologist. “Now you look like a million bucks.” She lifted a mirror and allowed Gary to look at himself.

“Wow,” Gary said aloud. He stared at Sharon’s face and his excitement grew some more. Ever since he had been in his sister’s body he found her to be more and more attractive. But looking at her face like this made him actually want to physically be with her.

“Would you like to buy some makeup today?” the cosmetologist asked.

“Oh, uh, I like it. Let me get some opinions and I’ll get back to you.”

The cosmetologist smiled at Gary and he smiled back. Of course she was really looking at Sharon’s smile but how could she know that?

“Thank You,” Gary said as he walked away.

“Sharon… Sharon… Hey… Gary!” His thoughts had been interrupted by his own voice. “Where the hell have you been? I have been looking all over for you.” Sharon said to him. “Are you ready to go?”

“Please,” Gary responded.

“Where did you get all that makeup at? I didn’t put any on you this morning.”

Gary pointed to the cosmetologist in the Macy’s store.”From her. She put it on me.”

Sharon looked over and made eye contact with the cosmetologist. She smiled and waved and then grabbed Gary’ hand. “I’m ready to go. Lets get out of here.”

Gary followed along. “What happened to you that made you want to leave so bad?”

“Don’t worry about it.”

They jumped into the car and during the ride home they shared their experiences. Sharon had assumed that she could go to the mall and remain unscathed being in her brother’s body. But after a few soda refills at Panda Express she found herself in the men’s restroom. Where she experienced the awkwardness that exists therein. Men don’t talk. Men don’t make eye contact and men certainly can’t seem to make it into the urinal either. The second time she had to hold onto Gary’s dick to relieve her full bladder was a new experience. Sharon had no idea that masturbating twice in a row like she had done earlier in the day, would cause her prostate gland to be fairly swollen. She found out how hard it was when the penis decided it wanted to urinate a different direction than the one decreed by the will of the hand that was holding it. To top it off Sharon was also approached by some giggling girls. She knew what they were up to and didn’t want to have anything to do with them. She would be horrified if she felt pressured into kissing one of them. That is when she left on her search for Gary.

In turn Gary shared his experiences with her. Afterwards they both laughed at what had happened to them.

When they got home, Gary and Sharon decided they would try to change back one more time. Gary wished by himself and then Sharon wished. They waited for some time and nothing had happened. Then they decided to wish together. Gary and Sharon both in unison wished the wish to be themselves, but to no avail. They had spent some time at the mall and it wasn’t going to be long before their mom and dad were to arrive home. They were both scared to death. They couldn’t let their parents find out. If they knew that Gary was Sharon and Sharon was Gary they would freak out. Not that they weren’t already beginning to freak out anyways.

Gary and Sharon both went to their rooms. Gary to his and Sharon to hers. Gary sat in his room and looked around at his mess. His room was certainly a man’s room; no frilly lace and no flowers, it was utilitarian. Gary had never noticed this stuff before and he began blaming his sudden interest in design and decoration on the body he occupied. After all how does a guy deal with a sudden estrogen filled body. This was also the first time he had been alone with this new body since earlier this morning.

Gary knew that Sharon had jerked off once, and that she had probably done it a second time, but he had only felt a female orgasm once. He took off his shirt and removed the restrictive feeling bra. He stared down and her tits; he had really begun to fall in love with Sharon’s body. He didn’t want to be in it but he did want to be on it. He rubbed Sharon’s tits and began to really understand what it was like to feel her nipples stimulate her pussy. For Gary this was an amazing thing. He made out with a girl once who took off his shirt and suckled his man boobs, but it felt nothing like this.

Gary moved from the tits on his chest and removed the skirt and panties. He slid his finger into Sharon’s slit and felt the pressure beginning to build again. He had never known how sensitive women really were. He was amazed at how easy it was to get turned on. He used both hands, one for a finger to penetrate and another to rub the sensitive area at the top of the pussy. He was very unfamiliar with women’s genitalia and was completely amazed at how complex it really was. He was able to get pleasure from two areas instead of one. Gary felt the pressure build as he rubbed more and more. He thought of the cosmetologist, he thought of his sister’s body and that he was feeling her breasts as he rubbed her pussy. It didn’t take him long to come to his sexual peak with these thoughts. After he came he felt the moisture on Sharon’s pussy magnify.

He laid there in his bed naked and still panting from the last orgasm. He wondered what Sharon was doing. She may have been jerking his cock off again. He didn’t care much, he always wanted her to do it. Gary’s fantasy would prefer that he occupied his own body while she did it. He was in his own bed, except he was in Sharon’s body. At least his bed provided some sort of familiarity. He noticed that he was getting sexually aroused rather quickly while caressing Sharon’s body. Was it true? were multiple orgasms really possible? Gary had to try. He reached down and started to rub again. Sure enough he felt the pressure begin to build and he felt the orgasm coming much more quickly the second time. Sharon’s body erupted in orgasmic convulsions. Gary had never felt anything like it. But this feeling wasn’t going to last. Gary heard the garage door opening and knew what it meant.

Gary’ mom had pulled in the garage. Gary was barely able to get Sharon’s clothes back on before she walked in the door. Gary bounded down the stairs to greet his mother. Gary only did this because Sharon had a habit of greeting both their mom and dad as they walked in the door. Gary gave his mom a hug and had an interesting conversation with her about what she had done that day. The mall was about it, so thats what was talked about. There were about three to four hours included with the shower with Sharon, the getting dressed, the hair being done, and all the masturbating he had done.

Gary’ mom informed him, although she thought she was telling Sharon, that she had planned to spend the evening out with his dad. That usually meant that they were going to be gone most of the night and as long as their lights were off when they pulled up they would leave them alone. His mom gave him $20 and told him to, “order some pizza for you and Gary.” That was a bit odd hearing his mom refer to him in the third person. He was just glad that when he spoke it sounded like Sharon because he had gotten used to hearing her voice instead of his. Gary hugged his mom once more as the garage door opened a second time. Their mom went back out into the garage and Gary never saw his dad come in. Instead his mom just jumped into the car with his dad and they took off for the night.

Gary made his way to the couch and turned on the television. Sharon soon joined him and sat on the couch.

“Where is mom and dad,” Sharon asked?

“They are going out together tonight. Mom gave me $20 for pizza. We can get whatever kind you want.”

Sharon just looked at him, it was still odd for him to be looking back at his own face, but he could easily tell that Sharon was beginning to feel depressed about their situation. “You can get what you want. I don’t care.” Sharon said as she laid Gary’s head on his lap.

Gary picked up the phone and ordered Hawaiian style pizza, Canadian bacon and pineapple. She knew he didn’t like that kind all that much and they he had ordered it for her. This was by far the nicest that Gary had ever been to her. Sharon sat and cuddled up to Gary feeling the only comfort she had all day. She had been thinking a lot about their situation. She reached down and scratched her nuts, she never thought she would do that.

The pizza soon arrived and Gary was nice enough to jump up and get it. He also grabbed some paper plates and put it all out on the table. Sharon stood up and joined him. “Thanks,” she said.

“For what? Ordering pizza?”

“Not just that. You have been really nice tonight. You let me cuddle up to you and you ordered pizza that I like. Then you even went to the door and got it for me.” Sharon reached around her body. She didn’t quite realize how much taller Gary was until she was looking down at her own body from his.

“Its no problem Sharon. I can kind of tell you are feeling a bit down.”

Then without warning and without provocation Sharon leaped in and kissed Gary. His lips were her lips and her lips were his lips, all quite literally. But at the moment it did not matter who the lips really belonged to. All that mattered was that a brother and sister who had been through a completely life changing process together had began to fall in love with each other. Sharon had fallen for Gary quite early in the day but it had taken her all day to gather the courage to let him know.

Gary stopped and took a deep breath in after their long kiss. “Even though I just kissed myself I really liked it.”

Sharon laughed out loud, “If you had said that to any other person they would think you’re crazy!”

“Yeah I guess you’re right.”

Gary and Sharon both dished up some pizza for themselves and went back to the couch to watch TV. Sharon cuddled back up to Gary and broke the silence. “Gary, You know I love you right?”

“Yeah, I know. I love you too.”

“Do you know what I mean? Like, I really love you. After spending a day in your body I have really come to understand you. And I love everything about you.”

“What are you saying Sharon?”

“I want to be with you. I want you to be my first.”

“You want me to take your virginity?”

“Yeah,” Sharon said. “We were naked together this morning anyways. It didn’t feel awkward because we were both looking at our own bodies.”

“I get what you’re saying. But do you think you could have sex with yourself? Think about it. If we do it then you are going to be in my body using my cock to penetrate your body. You will in reality be fucking yourself.”

“Hmm, that is a deep thought. But you will be fucking yourself as well.” Sharon replied.

“I guess you’re right. But can you stay horny while looking at yourself?”

“I think so. I won’t be looking at my body anyways. I’ll be looking at yours. Besides, if we change back we may never have this chance again.”

Gary stood up. “OK, I’ll do it. I’ll meet you in your room in a little bit.”

Sharon smiled, winked at her brother, and kissed him before she ran up to her room. Gary stood in the living room completely flabbergasted by Sharon’s sexual approach. She was so direct and to the point. Gary grabbed the half empty pizza box, closed it, and put it into the fridge. He caressed Sharon’s body one more time before he headed up to her room.

Gary opened the door to Sharon’s room and saw her sitting on her bed in his body, completely naked. “You know that looking at my naked body doesn’t turn me on.”

“So,” said Sharon. “It turns me on. Now take off those clothes and look at my body.”

“Thats quite a change from what you said this morning.”

“I know. But now I really want it. I want to be with you.”

Gary removed the cleavage revealing top. He unclasped the bra and slid it off. He caressed Sharon’s breasts and lingered on her nipples. Gary jumped as he felt some hands reach around him.

“Stop playing by yourself. I need some attention too,” Sharon said to him.

“Sorry, I’m just so impressed with how hot your body is.”

Sharon smiled and reached down and took the skirt off her body. Gary wiggled and let it fall to the ground. She pulled the panties off and Gary stepped out of them. Sharon stood up straight and kissed Gary again. They both had to close their eyes and think of the other. It would have been too awkward to look at their own faces as they made out. Their naked bodies pressed against each other. Gary felt his sister push his cock in between his legs and in response he felt somehow vulnerable. He wasn’t sure whether he should take the lead or not. He was the guy but he was in his sister’s body. A similar, yet opposite thought passed through Sharon’s mind as they continued to kiss. Sharon made the decision before Gary had a chance.

“Get on my bed,” she said to Gary in a stern yet lustful manner.

Gary lied back on Sharon’s bed and she crawled on top of him. Sharon continued to kiss her body. She knew that what they were doing was amazingly awkward. She was about ready to take the virginity from her own body.

She lined up the cock between her legs and pushed it towards the pussy between her brother’s legs. With a little wiggle and a gentle thrust she tried to penetrate her own cunt. She felt that he was moist, but not yet wet enough for penetration. She broke the kiss with Gary and began to explore down her body by kissing his neck. She had always loved it when the guys she made out with kissed her neck. She kissed lower and lower. Soon Sharon found herself face to face with her breasts. She could tell that Gary liked what she was doing and her nipples were sticking straight up. At first Sharon was not sure she would be able to suck her own tits. She caressed her breasts and Gary leaned back in pleasure. His moans of pleasure helped her decide that she had to try. She pulled a nipple into her mouth and suckled as her brother enjoyed the feel. She reached down and began to rub her pussy. Gary jumped as he felt his hand reach down there but it felt pretty normal for Sharon. After all, she had masturbated numerous times and touching her own pussy wasn’t all that awkward.

Sharon leaned back and continued stimulating her pussy. She looked her body up and down, always curious to know what she looked like while getting pleasured. She looked back down at her pussy, knowing that either they needed to start to fuck soon or she would end up with her face in there.

“If you do it I promise I’ll do it back.” Gary said to her.

Sharon didn’t need any clarification on what he was saying. “You’re willing to suck your own cock,” she asked.

“Only if you let me feel like what oral sex is like as a woman,” he responded.

Sharon passed the options through her mind back and forth considering all the pros and cons. Would it make her a lesbian if she ate out a pussy? What if she ate out her own pussy? Sharon moved in a little closer to her snatch. She smelled the scent of her own pussy and poked her tongue out, tasting her pussy juices on the tip of her tongue. She pushed her tongue out further and continued to lick. She heard Gary moan in delight at the mere touch and she knew that there was no way she could stop now. Sharon dove in with her whole mouth. She opened wide and started to make out with her own pussy lips. She had never thought this could be possible. She focused her tongue on her vaginal opening and would lick up towards her clit. Her brother moaned with each lick and began to move his pelvis along with her oral actions. He moaned louder and louder and she could tell he was getting close to orgasm. It was her body and she knew it quite well, she could tell that the pressure building up in that pussy was about to explode. Sharon focused on the clitoris, an action that brought the orgasm on very quickly. Sharon held on with her lips as the orgasm made her body shiver and she could tell he was really having a great orgasm. Sharon felt a bit jealous; That was her body and she should have been feeling that orgasm.

Gary began to relax from the female orgasm that just rocked his world. He had never felt anything like that in his body. Sharon looked at him and laid on her back. Words did not need to be exchanged because Gary knew what she was after. He grabbed his cock and began to jerk it while massaging his balls along with the hand job. He felt the same as his sister had about her own body; he had masturbated a lot and didn’t feel awkward jerking off his own dick.

Gary knew he had promised to give oral back but he was going to have to work up to it. Reminding himself he was in a girl’s body helped him focus. He leaned his head in and took a cock into his mouth. It wasn’t as bad as he thought it might be. He bobbed his head up and down while listening to his sister joyfully moan. Gary kept his hand on his balls to feel when they started to tighten. Even though he did say that he would give oral, he didn’t want to swallow any cum. She had already jerked off three times earlier in the day so it would have taken a very long blowjob to get her to cum anyways.

After some time Sharon broke the silence again. “I’m ready,” she said.

Gary looked at her and lied on his back again. Sharon climbed on top and pressed her brother’s cock up against her pussy. Her pussy was definitely wet now and ready for penetration. She knew her pussy was ready to receive his hard rod. She had a hard time keeping her brother’s cock from sliding all over so she reached down and guided her brother’s cock to her slippery virgin hole. She gently pushed it in and felt the cock head be engulfed by her pussy opening. She knew she was lined up and pushed one more time to get it in all the way.

“SHIT!” Gary yelled. “That just fucking hurt. Don’t move.” Gary had just felt Sharon’s hymen break.

Sharon lie as still as she could under the circumstances She was lying there in her brother’s body, attached to her brother’s cock while it was sitting motionless in her pussy. He started to relax and she began to move a little at a time. In a little and out a little. It felt amazing to her but he was obviously still in pain as she began pumping her cock in and out.

Gary pushed his sister away until she fell out of his pussy. He never expected the pain that he was experiencing. Gary rolled over on his side and waited a few minutes for the pain to subside. Sharon was of course scared that she had hurt Gary in some way but what frightened her more was that Gary was in her body, and that they would hopefully change back. After a few minutes had passed, he relaxed.

“Sorry,” Gary said. “You said you were a virgin. I had no idea that it actually hurt to take a girls virginity.”

Sharon felt somehow ripped off. She had just broken her own hymen. She felt like it was hers to do it with but she also felt like Gary had stolen the feeling from her, even though it hurt. “Oh, I didn’t think of that.” Sharon replied to her brother.

“OK,” Gary said. “I’m ready for you again.”

Sharon climbed back on top of Gary. She pressed her cock back against his body. Sharon reached down again and guided Gary’s cock to her wet pussy as she had done before. Sharon slipped the cock head into the pussy. This time Gary didn’t scream, but he did have a look of slight discomfort.

“Sharon, go slow please.”

Sharon moved in and out, slowly at first. The feelings that rushed through Gary’s cock made her shiver with pleasure. Sharon had never thought that her first time having sex she would be in a man’s body, let alone her brother’s. She looked down and watched his cock move in and out of her body. It was an amazing view. Gary began to move his hips along with Sharon as the original pain from breaking her hymen began to turn into pleasure.

Gary was beginning to feel the pleasure of Sharon fucking him. He pulled her in closer to feel his cock in her pussy as well as the friction on her clit. It was more amazing than masturbation had been. Sure it hurt like hell at first but it was really beginning to feel great.

Sharon responded to Gary’s hip movements and began to move the cock in and out faster and faster. The intensity of the orgasm was beginning to build inside his cock. She was feeling her cock get more sensitive with every thrust, feeling the eruption of cum as it began to build up. Sharon thrusted, pulled out, thrusted again and then the volcanic erection eruption happened. She thrusted the cock deep inside of her pussy. The cum shot out of her cock and the resulting orgasm was much better than the previous ones she had achieved through orgasm.

Gary could feel cum filling his womb and was in awe at the amazing feeling. He had not had an orgasm himself, but after Sharon broke her hymen he had not expected to. The sperm swam around Sharon’s insides and Gary could feel what it was like. It felt as if hundreds of tiny fingers were massaging his womb.

Sharon rolled off Gary and cuddled up to him and he put his arm around her. The cum she had filled her own womb with began to leak from his freshly fucked pussy. He didn’t do anything to stop it and he didn’t try to clean it up. He just let it pour out like a slow bottle of Heinz 57 ketchup.

For some reason that Gary did not understand he began to cry. “Why are you crying? Did that hurt,” Sharon asked?

Gary looked at her and smiled. “It hurt at first and kind of hurt most of the time, but thats not why I’m crying. I don’t know why I’m crying I just know I want to. I’m glad we did this. I feel so happy with you.”

Sharon knew why he was crying, after all she had often cried for no reason at all. She wanted to cry with Gary but for some reason she felt no desire to. She felt no reason to cry.

This was both Gary and Sharon’s first time having sex. It was different, much different that either one had expected. Sharon had been in her brother’s body and her brother had been in hers. They experienced what the opposite sex experiences when they give up their virginity to their lover.

Sharon was exhausted. Before she dozed off she wished to herself, “I wish I wish, with all my might, to be myself before the end of night.”

Little did she know that at nearly the same exact moment Gary was making the same exact wish. Word for word, in his own mind, “I wish I wish, with all my might, to be myself before the end of night.”

Sharon woke up feeling still very tired. It was still very dark in the room and outside. She felt a tingle in her body. She looked over at the clock. 1:17 AM. She looked down to see her brother cuddled up to her. She didn’t remember him doing that before they fell asleep. She rubbed her hand on her eyes and moved her hand back to her side. Her hand ran into a familiar obstruction along the way. She stopped and felt it. It was her breast. She was back in her body and that meant her brother was back in his. She was so happy to be back in her own body.

“Gary, wake up… Hey Gary…”

“What? Why don’t you let me sleep?”

“We are back. I’m in my body again and you are in yours.”

Gary woke up and smiled. He looked at Sharon. She was more beautiful than he had ever remembered her being. He kissed her and reaffirmed his love for her. He planned on continuing his love. He planned on being more loving, more understanding, and more protective of his little sister. He lied on his back and she cuddled up to him. They knew that they were now lovers. As they both fell back asleep they both imagined what kind of a life that they might have together.

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4 Responses to Trading Spaces

  1. Allan says:

    I think this the first type story I have ever read, and I have read a number of different types, and I can say I enjoyed it a great deal.

  2. Jillicious says:

    Thank you Allan. As far as my writing ability goes it is not my best work but it was enjoyable to write. Brings a whole new meaning to having a Freaky Friday.

  3. tom says:

    Will there be more stories about these 2? I enjoyed that and hopefully more will come in the future.

    • Jillicious says:

      I don’t plan on writing more for this story. It was intended to be a stand alone piece, considering that the problem of having their consciousness change bodies is resolved by the end. I see no clear or purposeful way to make this a longer piece of work. Besides, I have a lot of other stories I would rather be working on.

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